a creative coding and design studio based in Vienna

Luca Meusburger is a passionate, freelance multidisciplinary developer and designer.

Get more than just a website.

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/Web Apps

Modern web apps for easy or complex use cases built with the latest tech and frameworks. Ranging from simple login systems to big management apps.

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/Web Design

Blazingly fast, beautiful, SEO-friendly Websites that stand out in the vast field of web design. Here function meets unique designs that are intuitive and just look good.

/Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for all big platforms, ranging from iOS to Android. Developed with the latest technology. Publishing in App-Stores and taking care of all the technical stuff.

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/Graphic Design

No idea how your website or app should look? No problem! Luca Meusburger got you covered with years of experience in UI and UX Design.

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/Customer Care

Ongoing feedback and a good relation to the customer is key here. You will get all the insights of the project. Also you will always be able to play around with the current work-in-progress beta project.

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We will take care of everything which includes the hosting of your backend, website or app. No worries about where to deploy. Everything out of one hand.

The studio started back in 2018

Luca Meusburger started coding as a child and kept doing it until this very day. Beginning with game development, working as a self-employed graphic designer and web developer. Today he works mainly on complex websites and mobile apps. Designing the frontend and making the backend work from his office in Vienna. Get in touch to start something together!

The city of vienna
The city of vienna

To make something out of nothing, only with the power of the mind. This is coding to me.

About Luca Meusburger

Luca Meusburger is a freelance multidisciplinary developer and designer based in Vienna, Austria. From UI/UX over front- and backend development.

Photo of Luca Meusburger, stylistic.

The core values that drive everything i do

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Creativity is the core value that rules my work. From the idea to the finished product or project, creativity always plays a huge role in all areas ranging from problem solving to design.

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Cooperation with the customer, with like-minded people and innovative organizations, companies and projects is key for a good relation which leads to a good product.

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Always with my fingers on the puls of time. Especially in the fast moving world of technology and web it is very important to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest developments.

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For sure quality is in the end the most important thing of the finished product. Through iteration we achieve the best possible version of the idea you had in the beginning.

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Simplicity plays a great role not only in design but in all processes involved in making a digital product. From clear and simple designs to elegant coding.

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I stand for everything i do and will always be open for new things and changes. If we get the change to work together, i am sure you will agree.

results in numbers

/Years of experience
Luca Meusburger started coding at the age of ten and continued since. Passionate about the digital world, computers and design he started his business journey as soon as it was possible with the age of 18.
/Satisfied clients
Mostly local companies and organizations from the DACH area, but also international clients are currently using apps and projects built by Luca Meusburger.
/Finished projects
Over 25 successfully finished projects deployed. Always open for new ideas and always working on something.

See a few of my portfolio projects

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A simple, yet effective three step process.

With ongoing feedback and always a live demo for you, we streamline the process as efficient as possible from start to finish. Never miss an update i made and tell me what you like about it and what not.

/Project Idea

Everything starts with an idea. Either you have already one or we come up with one together. Brainstorming is key!


Ongoing feedback in the execution and development process is really important to come to the best solution.


When everything is ready and all parties agree on the functionality and design, we are ready to launch and deploy the project. And also have a beer together!